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Chapter 9 - The Blaze Collection

If you have been reading my blogs over the years you know I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. I try to buy my books from my local and/or independent book stores or even support our local bookstore through As they say, I was today years old when I found out that Amazon puts out a Kindle only collection of books and each can be read in one sitting. Generally we would call them novellas and Amazon suggests they are about one hour long in audio. Best of all these novellas are written by authors I know and love. The Blaze Collection is, according to the marketing blurb, about Unstoppable Women Igniting Change.

Here are the books in the Blaze Collection, which, by the way, are free if you have Amazon Prime.

Amelia's Shadow by Marie Benedict - Inspired by true events, Ruth Nichols sees herself as a competitor with the great Amelia Earhart and wants fiercely to be the first lady of the skies. As it happens Amelia herself wins that title and Ruth wins may accolades of her own including being a founding member of the Ninety-Nines, the first organization of female pilots.

The June Paintings by Maggie Shipstead - June Tremblay is a struggling painter who accepts a job as assistant to the well-known artist Hiram Lammergeier on his private island off the Maine coast. The reclusive legend has one peculiar rule: under no circumstances is June to create any art of her own. Caught between her need to paint and her desire for Lammergeier, June rebels, and her transgression sets off a chain of retaliation that will shape the rest of her life.

The Forgotten Chapter by Pam Jenoff - This is a World War II story of Paige Miller, a Selfridges clerk in London and the young GI who stops by her book counter everyday. Danny, the GI is harboring a secret that not only could change the war but also change their lives.

Fires to Come by Asha Lemmie - In early 20th century New York, Carlotta, an orphan raised by an Italian couple has never fit in as the only black person in her community. Drifting between cultures Carlotta must decide where she actually belongs.

Tune in Tomorrow by Melanie Benjamin - Abby Taylor is an enterprising young woman in the 1950's who has a millions stories to tell. Championed by her mother and sisters Abby goes on to create soap operas and her personal life is just as dramatic as her soap opera inventions. This is story based on Irna Phillips, a radio soap actress who is considered the mother of the soaps.

Fallen Grace by Sadeqa Johnson - In this story a young unwed mother in segregated Virginia pushes back on her hypocritical family and community to move forward with her dreams and aspirations.

Barriers to Entry by Ariel Lawhon - This novella is about Frances Glessner Lee, considered the mother of forensic science. She created the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, 20 true crime scene dioramas recreated in minute detail at dollhouse scale, used for training homicide investigators. Her dioramas are still being used to teach investigators.

So I've only read the first novella as these just were released but these seem perfect for a doctor's office visit or anytime you have only a short time to read. Amazon has many other collections besides this one including The Improbable Meet-Cute Collection, Creature Feature, Obsession, and Nothing Like I Imagined - all written by well known authors. I think they are a probably worth a look if you have Amazon Prime!

Have you tried any of the collections out? Let me know.


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