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Chapter 50 - All I Want For Christmas

This is a beautiful time of the year at the beach. The mornings are crisp and cold but warm up nicely as the day goes on so often I am in a down vest, hat and gloves on our walks in the morning but wearing lighter clothes later. Someone said that Mother Nature throws out temperatures like Power Ball numbers down here and I'd have to agree with that assessment!

We don't always take advantage of all the wonderful Christmas events in Myrtle Beach but this year we have seen and done a few holiday happenings. Our first Christmas adventure was The Carolina Opry Christmas Show. Before the show we tried to go to Chuck's Steak House, one of our favorites, without a reservation - silly us, but ended up at Gio's Italian Kitchen instead. It was wonderful all around and we recommend it highly! The food was great, the waitstaff terrific, and the ambiance lovely. We also have enjoyed The Great Christmas Light Show in North Myrtle Beach and in the past, Brookgreen Gardens Night of a Thousand Candles never fails to delight! As you can imagine there are many more Christmas events happening at the beach and I doubt if we'll get to all.

Gift giving for me is usually pretty easy because I do have a family of readers. This time of year is wonderful for new books and so many authors have released books which are perfect for gift giving. Here are some I'd recommend this year.

The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews - Mary Kay Andrews' latest book doesn't fail to delight with elements of history, mystery, community and love. Ivy Perkins is looking for something new after her divorce and buys an old farmhouse sight unseen. What she finds in the attic will send her on a trip to discover the mystery and find herself.

Taste by Stanley Tucci - Tucci (who doesn't like Stanley Tucci?) grew up in an Italian American family where dinners were a sacred affair. After two previous cookbooks, this memoir tells about his growing up as well as anecdotes about filming different movies and his TV series. Of course, it also has recipes.

Christmas in Peachtree Bluff by Kristy Woodson Harvey - Another delightful Southern story by Kristy Woodson Harvey. The women of Peachtree Bluff have often turned to their mother for help when things go awry so when Caroline and her husband seem headed for divorce, Caroline sends her very unhappy teenage daughter to spend Christmas with her mother Ansley. What could go wrong, right?

Never by Ken Follett - This current day political thriller has a lot going for it - a stolen drone, an uninhabited Japanese island, a hidden stash of chemical weapons and three people who are trying to keep the world from falling apart. I think this may be my favorite novel in recent new releases.

Once Upon a Wardrobe by Patti Callahan - College student Megs approaches C.S. Lewis to ask for her brother if Narnia is real. He ends up taking her through the journey of the times in his life which led to his best known children's book.

Also, if you want a special treat, here is a Christmas story from my good friend and author T.I. Lowe - The Holiday Hunt.

You can find these and other books at our affiliate You can even find ebooks and giftcards there if those are your jam. Remember each purchase goes toward supporting independent bookstores like us, Bookends in North Myrtle Beach!


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