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Chapter 48 - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday. Not that other countries don't have their own version of a day to give thanks for the settlement of their land, but aside from July 4, there is probably no other American holiday that pretty much everyone celebrates. Even the Chinese restaurant down the street is offering traditional Thanksgiving fare on that day!

I am a big believer of daily gratitude. Every day I write down one thing that I am grateful for. When it comes to Thanksgiving, well the whole day becomes a gratitude fest for me. I am thankful for my family and good health, for my country which still allows individual rights and freedoms, for my home, and good food. I am grateful that I grew up in a time where people mattered more than technology, (no cell phones at our dinner table, for example). I could go on and on but I'm sure you get my drift.

So when Thanksgiving comes around I like to read books that tell me things about the early settlers, about people's struggles with being with family, or even humorous Thanksgiving stories. I read these before I start getting into more Christmas based stories. Here are some of my favorites.

Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich - This is a light romance book by Evanovich, unlike her Stephanie Plum series. Still, even as a romance, it resounds with her trademark humor and snarkiness. This is a good Thanksgiving read when you have to cook dinner and have the relatives over and you just need to read something light!

Thanksgiving Night by Richard Bausch - Originally published in 2007, Bausch's book is a tribute to wacky relatives and just getting through the holiday season. Adding to the comedy of Will Butterfield's crazy mom and aunt, is his worry about his bookstore and his wife Elizabeth's unruly high school students. This is a thought-provoking book which goes to the heart of what Thanksgiving and family really mean.

The Turkey Trot Murder by Leslie Meier - What could be more fun than running a 5K as Thanksgiving approaches? Lucy Stone has more on her plate than Thanksgiving dinner when Allison Franklin is found dead and frozen in Blueberry Pond. Reporter Lucy turns up the heat to solve this murder mystery.

Mayflower: Voyage, Community, War by Nathaniel Philbrick - Well known historian, Nathaniel Philbrick, sets his sights on the voyage of the Mayflower and the settlement of Plymouth Colony. The 400th anniversary of the landing took place last year but it seems we were busy with other things. This edition has a new preface and you might just learn something you didn't know about America's early days.

The White by Deborah Larsen - Written in the voice of Mary Jamison who was abducted from her Pennsylvania home by members of the Shawnee tribe after her family was killed in a raid. Integrated into the Native American life, her story is rich and compelling.

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving books? Please share!


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