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Chapter 39 - Book Nerd

Those of us who really, really love books have no problem with being called book nerds. We buy books, read books, buy more books (heaven forbid you don't have a backup pile), and carry books with us whenever we think we may have to wait somewhere. We also love book themed items. We have tee shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, tote bags, signs, book wreaths, scarves, and anything else you can name related to books.

All this to say that it is VERY easy to buy gifts for your favorite book dragon. Of course newly published books are always on target, (and I'll give you some suggestions next week), or a gift card to one of your local independent bookstores or even a local national chain as they do support your local economy. There are also some great ideas online to check out for that special gift. But if you are still searching, here are some suggestions for the book lover in your life.

One of the best gifts I've received is a book subscription. My favorite of these is Once Upon a Time Book Club. This subscription service delivers monthly or as requested books with boxed gifts which the reader opens at marked pages. They have both adult and young adult subscriptions or you can buy individual boxes if you wish.

For wallets, purses and tote bags I go to as the have a large stock of book themed merchandise featuring well known classic books.

For a variety of book themed wearables, my suggestion is as they have an unique selection of quality merchandise. Again, most of the items feature classic books and they even have items for babies and toddlers, like a Guess How Much I Love You baby blanket.

If your favorite book person enjoys drinking tea as they read, try We carried this brand at Bookends for a few years and found that it was well received by customers. They carry novel teas (with literary quotes) as well whimsical teas. These would be a great stocking stuffer or teacher gift idea.

Another great idea is a book journal which you can get at Barnes and Noble or order online through (yes I am sorry to say) The selection of journals can fit any bibliophile's reading habits. If it is just book related journals you'd like to buy, I recommend a company call Ex Libris Anonymous. The company has been in business for 22 years and the journals are really fun. They take the covers of well known books and used them to bind up journals.

Book related jewelry is always fun for book lovers to wear. Montgomery Book Exchange in New York does a wonderful job of making what they call "Wearable Words". They also have other really neat items on their website including book bundles, advent calendars, and folded books.

Finally check out book themed candles at Etsy as there are many to choose from. These would make a terrific gift for your bookie as you can pick candles either by genre or by scent.

If you are local to Myrtle Beach, I suggest checking out the wonderful book themed Christmas gifts at Bookends. Mindy has some great reusable tote bags, terrific ornaments, and other assorted book nerd gifts.

I have personally ordered from each of these websites mentioned above, so I can verify the quality of the merchandise but I receive no compensation for the recommendations. I hope this has helped with some Christmas ideas for your favorite book nerd!

Do you have any suggestions of your own? Please share.


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