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Chapter 36 - What Do You Do When You're Scared Of The Dark?

I have to be honest with you, I am not a fan of horror books, horror movies, horror entertainment venues or being scared at all. While I didn't mind them when I was a kid, it seems there are more scary things now days than I want to deal with (think Russia, for example). You will probably not find me reading the latest Stephen King (although he is a terrific author), watching the latest Halloween flick, or picking up a Zombie Apocalypse book but...that being said I do enjoy psychological thrillers. For me, they are more believable and more indicative of people as monsters instead of some supernatural thing.

Fall always beckons to me that I should read something dark and shadowy. Whether it is because of the sun going to bed so early or the leaves dying and falling off trees to leave a brown crispy puddle, I'm not sure. This time of year I always throw one or more spooky books into the mix. I also try to reread two of my favorite classics, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Dracula by Bram Stoker. Here are some mind-messing thrillers I have found particularly good.

We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz - It seems that every time Kristen and Emily go out adventuring, someone ends up dead, and here it has happened again. On an adventure backpacking in Chile, Emily enters their hotel suite to find broken glass, blood and her friend Kristen telling her the boy she picked up and brought back to the room attacked her. Oddly enough the same thing happened last year. Emily now wonders if anyone is safe.

Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane - The tag line on this one is "There is more than one way to end a marriage." Lila and her husband Aaron live in a little college town. About a month ago, a female student went missing. Now Aaron has vanished. What does Lila know? What has she done?

Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel - I was introduced to this book by WEZV's Scott Richards. Patty Watts is just getting out of prison. Patty had convinced her daughter of many things as she spent years poisoning her. Now with nowhere to go she turns to her daughter for help. Rose Gold takes her in but is it kindness, is it revenge, or does Patty just want to continue what she started years ago?

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough - Louise is a secretary who is stuck in a rut. One night at a bar she meets David and sparks fly. The next day she realizes he is her new boss. She also meets Adele who needs a friend and just turns out to be David's wife. While Louise isn't quite sure what is going on, she does know something is not quite right with David and Adele's marriage. This book has so many twists and turns and you really never see what is coming at the end.

The God of Endings by Jacqueline Holland - I mention this book because I think it is worth putting on your wish list. I read it as an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) and it will be published in March, 2023. The story is told through the eyes of her protagonist Anna, who goes by many names throughout her decades, and who is saved from death by her immortal grandfather in the 1830's. Living her eternal life as a vampire-like creature, Anna is uncomfortable with this life. As time goes on Anna is torn between the need for companionship and both the transient yet often cruel nature of human company. Into this mix, Holland throws the Slavic legend of Czernobog, the God of Endings, an essence who may be stalking Anna.

Do you have any good psychological thrillers to recommend? Please let me know.


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