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Chapter 36 - Call It Magic!

I just finished a book which I really enjoyed and which was in the genre of Magical Realism. The genre is defined as "magical elements blending with the real world." The world can be either contemporary or historic but fantastic elements are considered normal. While this is not my "go to" genre in books, I do like to read this kind of book every now and then. Originating in Latin America, this kind of book was written to subtly make political commentary. It has migrated from its lofty beginnings however and now is more generic.

Most of the time I read historical fiction, biography, women's fiction, and adventure fiction but sometimes I want the real world to have a little magic in it. Reading Magical Realism gives me magic that is a little over the top from the daily magic of sunrises, bird songs, and true love. Here are a few of my favorite Magical Realism reads.

The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins - One of seven sisters, Sarah has grown up in her small town of Dove Pond to be the librarian. Somehow Sarah is able to put the right book into a person's hands, even if the person didn't know they needed it. Her biggest challenge is convincing a new resident, Grace, that she might be the key to saving the small town. The second in the series, A Cup of Silver Linings, has just been published.

The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle - We've all probably been asked at some point to name 5 people living or dead that we'd wish to have dinner with. What if that dinner was to actually happen? In this book, Sabrina arrives to celebrate her 30th birthday with her best friend and finds that significant people from her past are there along with Audrey Hepburn! This is a terrific story of relationships and makes the reader consider who their 5 people would be.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom - When war veteran Eddie who is a maintenance man at a seaside carnival saves a little girl from death, he gives up his own life. He wakes up in an afterlife where his life is explained by 5 people whom he may or may not have known. They help him answer the age old question of "Why am I here?"

In 5 Years by Rebecca Serle - Another terrific read by Serle, this one is a story of Dannie Kohan, a young woman who leaves nothing to chance and has planned her career and her fiance'. She wakes up one day 5 years in the future, and realizes she is with a different man with a different ring on her finger. Although this only lasts one hour before she returns to her current life, it changes everything for her.

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner - In 18th century London, a secret apothecary caters to helping women become free from their oppressive husbands. A series of mistakes by a 12 year old patron sets off consequences that resound for centuries. In present day London a young historian embarks on a quest to solve the mysterious apothecary murders with devastating results.

Do you read any Magical Realism books? If so, let me know which are your favorites!


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