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Chapter 32 - Beach Read

As you know I enjoy books of all genres, it doesn't really matter to me what. Psychological thrillers, mysteries, relationship, crime, history, biographies or memoirs, or family sagas, if it is a good story - I'm in. This time of year I do indulge in a few beach reads. These are books I consider "potato chip books", in other words they are quick and enjoyable but may not last a long time in memory.

I usually put these kind of books in between meatier books. In this way they kind of become a palate cleanser especially if the meatier book is intense or dark. My beach reads become the beach bag or pool books, ones I can put down and then pick up again easier without missing part of the plot.

Here are a few I've been reading this summer:

People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry - This book is pure fluff and chicklit. The story is about a young woman who writes for a travel magazine. Every year, during summer vacation, Poppy goes with her college friend, Alex, on a vacation. They used to do it on the cheap but since Poppy got her travel job, usually her company pays for the excursion. Every year, that is, until two years ago when something happened and they haven't talked since. Poppy misses her friend and reconnects this year to have another vacation. Of course, things happen to derail their plans. Henry's book is a light, fun read.

The Break Up Book Club by Wendy Wax - Wax's writing is always good, her stories about female relationships are authentic, and her books are terrific reads. For me, they totally fit the beach read label. The story centers around four main protagonists - Judith, a 50 something empty nester who feels her husband is no longer interested in her, Jazmine, a mid-30's sports agent who has given up dating and is the single parent of a teenager, Sara, a late 20's reading specialist whose husband is working in another city while she takes care of his mother, and Erin, the fiancee of an up and coming baseball player. On the surface they have very little in common but get them together with other book club members and they all become a force. This is another easy read.

Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen - I put this one in for the gents who want a fun beach read although both men and women enjoy Carl Hiaasen. Chaz Perrone, a crooked marine biologist messes with water samples so an agribusiness can continue to dump fertilizer into the Everglades. When he suspects that his wife, Joey Perrone, has figured out his scam he pushes her overboard into the Atlantic. But if Chaz is a subpar scientist, he's an even worse killer. Joey, clinging to a bale of Jamaican pot, is plucked from the ocean by a rugged stranger, who just happens to be a detective. Then the fun and revenge starts. This is a great intro to Hiaasen's humorous detective stories.

Summer At The Little French Guest House by Helen Pollard - The third in a series (although you don't need to read the first two), Pollard's tale has Emmy Jamieson, manager of La Cour des Roses, getting married to the love of her life, Alain. Somehow Emmy's mom has turned into the mother of the bride from hell and Alain's ex-wife is rearing her beautiful head. Helen Pollard has once again taken her reader on a trip to a beautiful place with some delightfully quirky characters.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid - Well known for both The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones and the Six, this latest by Reid is another summer success. The end of the summer has the four famous Riva siblings throwing the event of the season. By the end of the night, their mansion has burnt to the ground and their lives have been changed forever. Still in hardback, this $28.00 book is on sale at the Bookends Bookshop link above for $16.99!

Do you have any beach reads you wish to share? Let me know!

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