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Chapter 21 - New and Notable

There have been some terrific books released already this year and, according to all my reading resources, many more to come. Like everyone I have some favorite authors whose books I always try to pick up. These include Kate Quinn, Anne Tyler, Emily Henry, Mary Kay Andrews, and, of course, Daniel Silva. Fortunately for me all of these authors have books out now or soon to come this summer.

Here are the latest books from these authors.

The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn - While Kate Quinn has been publishing books since 2010 and has 13 books to her name, I've only read her last four - The Alice Network, The Huntress, The Rose Code and her latest, The Diamond Eye. All the these have focused on World War II historical fiction. Quinn is an thorough researcher and I suspect her research for each novel has lead to the writing of the next. The Diamond Eye is about Ludymila Pavlichenko, a Russian sniper who had over 300 kills to her name. A Ukrainian by birth Pavlichenko was only 24 when she became known as Lady Death. The Russian fight against the Fascist Nazis is very close to what Ukraine is experiencing now, so this book is uncannily current.

French Braid by Anne Tyler - Anne Tyler's books take place in and around the Baltimore area, sometimes extending to Rehobeth Beach, Delaware and other haunts of my youth. Her books are full of family dysfunction stories although I don't believe Baltimore has the market cornered on dysfunction! Her latest is a family saga which ranges in time from the 1950's to the present day pandemic. Family, friendships, love, and redemption figure prominently here.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry - Beach Read and People We Meet On Vacation were the first two Emily Henry books and they are, in fact, pure chick-lit beach reads. Book Lovers is about a cutthroat literary agent, Nora, and her sister on the road for a sisters' trip out of town. Of course, in Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, where they go to get away, they run into Charlie Lastra, an editor with whom Nora has had plenty of run-ins. This is another good beach read.

The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews - Mary Kay Andrews never fails to delight readers with her witty yet relevant books. The Homewreckers is about a young woman who restores homes and gets her shot at competing in a house renovation reality show. As renovations begin, skeletons begin to come out of the closets, and someone is determined that they shouldn't. This novel will take you no time to read, I'm guessing one day at the beach!

Portrait of An Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva - Silva's latest in his Gabriel Allon series will not come out until July 19 but you can bet I'll be in line to read this one. Israeli spy and spy master, Gabriel Allon, has finally retired and settled with his wife and children in Venice. All is well until his friend asks him to investigate a centuries old painting. What Allon discovers will need all his skills as a spy and artist to resolve.

There are a few on the table above which I have not read yet but they are on my TBR pile!

Any recent books you can recommend? Let me know!


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