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Chapter 17 - She Believed She Could, So She Did

I have many author acquaintances - women and men I admire because they sit down and do something that some of us only dream about. Some are traditionally published, others small press published, and still others self-published but they all have one thing in common - they write! As a bookseller I was privileged to meet quite a few authors - some mystery writers, some romance writers, other memoir writers but my favorites are Southern story writers.

June 6th is the publication date of a wonderful author's latest book and while I profess to not having a favorite author, she is definitely one of mine. Indigo Isle by T.I. Lowe will hit the shelves and will no doubt, be a best seller like her other books. My friend Tonya (and I am lucky to call her my friend) writes Southern fiction with a Christian sensibility. In other words, she doesn't hit you over the head with religion, instead she sneaks it in gradually so that her characters end up knowing that God has had a presence in their lives. Tonya's writing style is clear, clean, descriptive, and has you wanting to know her characters as friends.

Tonya is published by Tyndale House Publishers. Her previous book, Under the Magnolias, was a Christy Award finalist, has had 11 publication runs, and has been translated into Swedish where it landed at the top of Sweden's best selling fiction list. (Take that Fredrik Backman!) Tonya's book Lulu's Cafe' was published in German as well as English and sold over 100,000 copies. I believe that Indigo Isle will be another best seller for T.I. Lowe!

Here is a summary of the new book along with information on some of her others.

Indigo Isle - A young woman, Sonny Bates, runs away from her low country home and becomes a location scout for a film company. Her latest film brings her back to South Carolina where she has to deal with a demanding director, a reclusive and surly indigo farmer, and the secrets she has buried from her past. This is a novel of mistakes and forgiveness, misunderstandings and clarity but most of all, about family love.

Under the Magnolias - When teenage Austin Foster's mother dies in childbirth, Austin is left to help raise her siblings. Her dad, a tobacco farmer, has his own demons, and it is the village that Austin surrounds herself with that comes together to ease Austin's burden. Even Austin cannot hide the truth about her father and it all comes to a head in a very hard way.

Lulu's Cafe' - Leah Allen is on the run from a domestic violence situation. She flees to low country South Carolina ready to reinvent herself. Drawn to the local cafe' she finds the owner willing to offer her support. She also finds a local bachelor with his own secrets to keep. Can Leah's heart and spirit really be healed after the trauma she has experienced?

The Carolina Coast Collection: Beach Haven / Driftwood Dreams / Sea Glass Castle - This wonderful set of beach reads is about three friends. They have grown up together and together face the challenges they individually go through as adults. If you have friends who will stick with you through thick and thin, this series is for you!

A Word of Warning about Tonya's Latest Book!

If you live locally and haven't signed up for one of Tonya's release parties, you have a very small window of opportunity to do so since most are sold out. I know that Bookends Used Book Store has about 10 tickets left for their release party on June 6 at Surf Golf and Beach Club. Join them for cake, champagne, and a copy of Indigo Isle. Tonya will be happy to personalized your book for you! Call Mindy at Bookends at 843-280-2444 for more information!


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