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Chapter 13 - Marie Benedict

As we come to the end of Women's History Month I thought I would showcase an author who does a great job of capturing the stories of incredible women. No one does this better, in my opinion, than Marie Benedict. Benedict's stories are engaging, her research is impeccable, and her novelized accounts of important women are immensely readable.

Heather Benedict Terrell was a corporate litigator initially. She credits her aunt, a literature professor, with turning her on to the wide world of women's stories and voices of the past. She also writes under the name of Heather Terrell. If you have never encountered her books her are some favorites to try.

The Other Einstein - The story is about Albert Einstein's first wife, Mitza Meric. She met Albert at university where she was studying physics. Taken by the young student, Meric's contributions to the science of physics might just fall in the realm of Albert's own. Or were his theories actually hers?

The Only Woman in the Room - Hedy Lamarr was a young actress in Austria when the country was annexed by Hitler's government. She escaped to the United States where her beauty and talent as an actress became well known. Less known is her contribution to science. Benedict relays it in this story.

The Personal Librarian - This wonderful novel is about Bella de la Costa Greene, J.P. Morgan's personal librarian. Hired in the early 1920's to curate Morgan's collection of rare and valuable books, Greene was a black woman who hid her ethnicity behind her brilliance and light skin.

Lady Clementine- Clementine Churchill, the wife of British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was a force in her own right. As his wife, Clementine supported him, prodded him, chastised him, and helped to make Winston a great leader for a terrible time.

Her Hidden Genius - The latest in her novels of brilliant women, Marie Benedict focuses on Rosalind Franklin. Rosalind, always an outsider, believes she can figure out the secrets of DNA when she is assigned to the task. Despite numerous obstacles, she succeeds but could never have guessed what would happen next.

Have you read any of Marie Benedict's books? Which would you recommend?


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