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Chaper 29 - Quick and Dirty

I talked about big books last week and while I liken them to big juicy steaks, sometimes you just want to read quick and dirty books. This smaller books are what I call "potato chip" because they are books you can snack on. Generally they have uncomplicated plots, fast action, and heroes or heroines that save the day. They are also books that take no time at all to read and can be finished in a day or two - perfect if you are on vacation.

Here are some authors who write quick and dirty books you might enjoy.

Janet Evanovich - My two favorite series by Evanovich are the Stephanie Plum series which starts with One for the Dough, and the Fox and O'Hare series with The Heist being the first one. Both series are quick, funny, and engaging.

Lee Child - When you think of the Jack Reacher series, do not think of a short, dark haired, protagonist because Jack is not like that at all. In fact, he is 6'5", about 250 pounds, and blond. Former military member, Jack gets involved in all types of conflicts. The first Reacher book written was Killing Floor but since Lee Child went and wrote some of Jack's back story, the first chronologically is The Enemy.

James Patterson - James Patterson's books have short chapters and move very quickly. He has a number of series written with various authors but I think the best are the ones he has written solo. My recommendations would be The Alex Cross series (Along Came a Spider is the first) or When the Wind Blows.

Lisa Gardner - Lisa Gardner has two series I've enjoyed, the D.D. Warren series and an FBI profiler series featuring Kim Quincy. Sometimes the two series intersect and that is fun too. The D.D. Warren series takes place primarily in Boston and starts with Alone. The FBI series is rooted in Atlanta. The first in that series is The Perfect Husband.

David Baldacci - Baldacci's series typically end at about the 5th book in the series and then he starts with a new character keeping his writing fresh and interesting. My favorite series of his is The Camel Club which includes a group of Washington, D.C. misfits who study conspiracy theories but get involved in much more when one of them witnesses a murder.

What is your favorite quick and dirty book? Please let me know.

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