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Chapter 22 - 28 Summers

This is the time of year where many of us are planning out our beach reads. Beach reads are easy, lighter (in content) books that are perfect for reading on the beach, at the pool, or sitting on your back porch. Normally you don't have to think too hard about characters or plot with a beach read although sometimes the author sneaks things in that you end up mulling over.

Here are some authors whose books are released this time of year and always seem to fit into the "good beach read" category.

Elin Hilderbrand - Last summer Hilderbrand gave us Summer of '69 which was a terrific read with about a family living through all the things going on that summer - Chappaquiddick, Woodstock, and Vietnam. This summer her book 28 Summers is due out and is sort of like a same time, next year type of book. Hilderbrand also has a host of other books that fit into the beach read genre. Her books usually take place in New England.

Mary Kay Andrews - Head further down the coast and team up with Mary Kay Andrews, a smart and funny author. Last year's High Tide Club is a tale of female friendships, secrets, and strength. This year Andrews gives us Hello Summer, a book about second chances and hidden secrets. Mary Kay Andrews also has tons of easy reading summer books to her name as well.

Joshilyn Jackson - If you want a little more depth to your summer reads, this Southern author is the one for you. Joshilyn Jackson's books tend to have humor and a little darkness to them. Her latest, Never Have I Ever, is about a woman who blows into a quiet town and sets it on its ear with the intent of destroying some local citizens. Of course, one fights back. Jackson too has a full catalog of other books to keep you reading all summer.

Lee Child - If you are looking for a hero, Jack Reacher may be who you want. This craggy, blond, 6'5" guy (do not think Tom Cruise) is always getting into and out of trouble while doing good along the way. Child's latest Blue Moon has just been released in paperback and, if you enjoy this, you can start right at the beginning with Killing Floor and read the rest of the 23 volume series.

Steve Berry - With both stand alone books and a terrific series to his name, Berry's main protagonist Cotton Malone is a former treasury agent who is just trying to enjoy life in retirement. That isn't exactly what happens, as he is often recalled to service. Berry's latest The Warsaw Protocol is still in hardback but The Malta Exchange was recently released in paperback and with a bit of mystery and history makes a terrific beach read.

Daniel Silva - I have recently started reading Silva and love his protagonist Gabriel Allon, an art restorer and Mossad assassin. Silva's latest, The Order will be published in July but I really recommend reading the series in order starting with The Kill Artist. Daniel Silva's books take the reader all over the world and get Allon involved in all types of trouble.

Do you have a favorite beach read author? Let me know.

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