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Chapter 26 - Independent's Day!

Over the year I receive a lot of books from independently published authors. They want me to read their books, review them and then put them in the store. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not so good, and often the books are terrific.

What do I mean when I say independently published? These are books which are self-published or published by a small independent publishing house. It is really hard to make it in the traditionally published world so many authors choose to publish differently. It doesn't mean their books aren't good (usually), it just means they've taken a differently route to publication. In fact, some authors previously traditionally published have started to publish their own books because they get more money that way.

We have been very lucky to have some great local authors this year and here are some of them and their books we've showcased.

Elizabeth Smith - Elizabeth Smith's books include French Crossing, Just For One Night, and Slow Dancing among others. The books fall into Romance and Romantic Suspense so if this is your genre, they are sure to please. I believe a new book is also in the works.

Thomas Kelso - Tom writes medical mystery thrillers. While I enjoyed his first book Fractured, his second book Hyperion's Fractured is absolutely terrific and had me on the edge of my seat a number of times. Hyperion's Fracture hasn't been released yet but is scheduled for an August publication date.

Dana Ridenour - A retired FBI agent, Dana's books are about a young undercover FBI agent and her first few cases. Currently she has Behind the Mask and Beyond the Cabin published and Below the Radar is scheduled for an August release. Dana brings a lot of authenticity to her books as she was an undercover agent for many years.

Steve McMillen - Steve is a local favorite and his books take place in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. His books include Murder on the Front Nine, Cougars at the Beach, Death on Mt Pleasant and his latest Terror Grips the Beach. All feature his hero Mickke D, a jack of all trades, who gets involved in murder, mayhem, and treasure hunting.

Henry Hack - Henry is a former New Yorker who served in the Nassau County, NY Police Department for twenty-two years, including fourteen years in the Detective Division. Henry has been a prolific writer in his retirement with books including protagonist Detective Danny Boyland (Danny Boy, Case Closed, Mommy, Mommy and his most recent Marsh Mallows) as well as his Harry Cassidy series. His genre is police procedurals and crime thrillers. Henry will be Bookends' Meet and Greet guest in August.

Most of these books may be found online or picked up at the Bookends Used Book Store in North Myrtle Beach.

I always admire writers who are independently published as they put themselves out there when they share their stories.

Is there any independent author you know whose stories you'd like to share? Please let me know!

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