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I'd Rather Be Reading

I was lucky enough recently to be picked by Anne Bogel for the Launch Team of her new book - I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life. I was first introduced to Anne through her lifestyle blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and then from her 2017 book Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything. Anne's latest book was all I expected and more.

I'd Rather Be Reading is a series of essays about the reading life. Chapter titles include Confess Your Literary Sins, The Books That Find You, The Readers I Have Been and Book People among others. In each chapter you will find thoughts and observations you will nod your head about and you will probably feel as if she wrote each word for you.

I read this book during a few days of challenging transitions in my life (perhaps more on that in another blog) and I'd Rather Be Reading was a significant comfort. Not only did I realize that there are other book nerds out there like me (and it is a great relief to know you are not the only one) but also I started thinking about my own reading life and how wonderful it has been.

In one chapter of Anne's book she talks about books that find you and this one was definitely one that found me at the right time. I relived memories of favorite books, the libraries I used to go to as a child, sitting at the library table in the childrens' section and reading the same book as my best friend so we could talk about it, and many more wonderful reading reflections.

If you or another avid reader in your life is looking for a book which speaks to the heart of reading - this is it. You will be hooked from the introduction on, as Anne Bogel takes you on a journey through her (and, no doubt, your) reading life.

This terrific book is being released today. You may order it or any other books at

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