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Chapter 29 - The Books You Read

It is no surprise that I am, in fact, a book addict. There isn't a week that goes by that I am not buying a book, reading a book, researching a book, or thinking about a book. I like to peruse the aisles of local bookstores for remainders or books left over from a large book run or purchase. These are not only bargains but usually great books which I haven't read yet.

My biggest addiction however is to new books. By new, I don't mean "never been read by human eyes before". I mean freshly published this week or month. Every week I comb bookstores and membership warehouse clubs to pick up the latest and greatest read. It is fun to see what their buyers think the next big read will be and based on the remainders I find, sometimes they are wrong.

When these new books come into Bookends, Norma and I are on them like ducks on June bugs. Since we both read super fast, the books go back into the store very quickly to be shared with other new book lovers.

Here though are some 2018 books which I have totally loved this year and haven't yet shared with you.

The Wife by Alafair Burke - Jason Powell and his wife Angela seem to have the perfect life. He is an economics professor at NYU and she is an at-home mom. Perfect until he is accused of sexual harassment. While battling that charge another woman comes forth with more serious allegations. A book about truth and what you would do to protect those you love, this is a great read by Burke.

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney - Amber Reynolds is in a coma. She tells the reader that her husband doesn't love her anymore and the "Sometimes I lie." As the story develops it goes between the hospital, events preceding the accident which put her there, and diaries of Amber and her sister. Interesting and captivating approach to an unreliable narrator.

Varina by Charles Frazier - This latest book from the author of Cold Mountain imagines the life of Varina Howell Davis, the wife of Confederate president Jefferson Davis. While much of it is based on historical fact, Frazier uses two narrators to tell Varina's story.

White Houses by Amy Bloom - Bloom has written a compelling book about the relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok. Hickok was a reporter initially assigned to cover Eleanor during Franklin Roosevelt's first run for president. A good story about the two women and their impact on the times in which they lived.

Still Me by JoJo Moyes - This is the third book in the Louisa Clark series (Me Before You and After You). Louisa goes to New York City to be a personal assistant to Agnes, the second wife of a wealthy business man. In the middle of her stay her circumstances change dramatically but Louisa muddles through and finds herself changed by the events.

These are just a handful of the 2018 books I have read so far this year. Do you have any others you'd care to recommend?

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