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Chapter 27 - Ship of Brides

I spent some time a few weeks ago with my friend, Christie Bazemore, one of the owners of 128 South Events and Bakery 105 in Wilmington. I had asked for her expertise in some social media areas and we caught up on our lives since the last time we saw each other.

Not only is Christie a part owner of two great wedding/event venues but she is also a new bride herself. Christie is the impetus behind the 128 South blog and has been in the wedding business for a long time. She has always given her readers practical and thoughtful advice on how to have a great wedding. On the way home I started thinking about all the books I have read that feature weddings. It appears that there are a lot of them.

Here are a few of the many books that have weddings in them.

Ship of Brides by JoJo Moyes - In 1946 the British government brought a number of war brides from Australia and other places to England to be with their husbands. One of the ships was an airplane carrier refitted to carry over 600 brides. This story centers around four very different women who end up sharing a cabin and who go through the challenges, adventures, and the heartbreaks of the trip. This book was written well before Moyes became known for her Me Before You trilogy.

By Invitation Only by Dorothea Benton Frank - Frank's latest book is a delight. When the son of a Low Country peach farmer marries the daughter of a well-off Chicago socialite, you know there is trouble brewing as sure as there will be hurricanes come September. Dottie Frank puts the fun in dysfunctional families and ends of with an interesting story of love, loss, and the importance of family.

The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck - This book is part of a trilogy by Hauck but easily stands on its own. Going back and forth between Miss Cora in the 1930's and Haley during present times, it tells the story of a wedding shop abandoned for years and reopened by Haley who faces many challenges to realize her dreams.

A French Wedding by Hannah Tunnicliffe - With a little something for everyone, Tunnicliffe's book won't let you down. Max, an aging rockstar, gathers his university friends to his country home in France to celebrate his birthday. He also plans to propose to his best friend, Helen over the birthday weekend. Max's personal chef, Juliette, makes everything perfect for the guest but she struggles with her own heartbreaks. An engaging story about friends, rivalries, food, heartbreak and hope.

Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff - Jonathan Trefoil is in a soul sucking ad copy job. His brother has left for Dubai and given him guardianship of two dogs, Dante and Sissy. Jonathan's girlfriend works for an online wedding company and wants to get married but maybe not to him. When given the opportunity to get married online, all expenses paid, Julie decides Jonathan should be the groom. The dogs seem to feel differently. An amusing story about expectations, dreams, and what our furry friends know better than us.

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld - This modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice is funny and totally believable. Jane and Liz Bennet go home to Cincinnati as their father has suffered a heart attack. While there they deal with their three sisters, their neurotic mother, and their long-suffering father. Luckily at a barbecue they meet Chip Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy, two doctors who work at a nearby hospital. You'll love this fresh take on the classic Austen story.

To order these or other books just go to

If you have a special event you'd like to schedule, I recommend 128 South and Bakery 105 in Wilmington. They do a great job for all kinds of occasions, not just weddings!

All photos courtesy of 128 South and Bakery 105.

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