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Chapter 14 - Reading People

As you all know, I own a book store, Bookends, in North Myrtle Beach and everyday I am asked by customers to recommend books. I always start by asking what they have read recently that they've really liked. I also ask if they want something similar or very different from the book they've named. Sometimes I have no answer for them because I am not familiar with the book they've told me. That is how I met Anne Bogel. She is the brilliance behind the podcast, What Should I Read Next. As I started to use Anne as inspiration for my own suggestions, I subscribed to her blog Modern Mrs. Darcy. One thing lead to another and to my great excitement I found that Anne was writing her own book, Reading People, and I was selected as part of her launch team! While I received a copy of this book as part of the Reading People Launch team, the opinions are always my own!

Like many people I am always trying to find out more about myself and others in the hopes of figuring out why I act and react the way I do to people and situations.

In this wonderful book Anne gives the reader information on many ways of discerning personality types from simply identifying the differences between introverts and extroverts to Gary Chapman's Love Languages to Myers Briggs types clear through to Enneagrams. Anne relays these concepts with easy to understand wording and illustrative stories. The best part of her book for me is how she suggests you can put the information in each section to use in your own life.

Anne identifies in her book that she is not a scholar but a traveler on the path of understanding who has found some maps to guide her along the way. She is very adamant that there are no right or wrong personality types, just different. Learning about the types gives us tools for better communication as well as a way for us to utilize our own strengths and minimize our weaknesses.

Having been in the Human Resources field for more than 30 years, I can tell you I wish this book had been published years ago. I also think it would be a valuable resource for anyone in the teaching or health fields. I highly recommend Reading People for anyone who wants to know more about themselves and others! This is a book I will read again and again.

As I've told you I don't sell anything on my blog but I'd hate for you to miss out on this great pre-order special, if you are interested. It is available until September 19th. Ordering your book before that date will get you some terrific bonuses - including a free download of the audio version as well as the access to the online class "What's your reading personality?" You can access that here - Reading People.

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