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Chapter 13 - Everyday Life

Happy Labor Day! As summer's end approaches and school starts back it is hard not to think of work. It does, after all, consume most of our waking hours. Walking the beach this morning the conversation naturally turned to favorite jobs we've had. I've done everything from collections work to Human Resources consultant and now am a bookstore owner at Bookends Used Book Store in North Myrtle Beach. Dave's career has spanned from Special Forces soldier to security consultant to fly fishing guide. For both of us there were many divergent paths along the way. My favorite job, of course, is the one I have now. I get to go to work among my book friends as they sit on the shelf waving their pages at me!

Here are some of my favorite books featuring the working stiff, along with one of Dave's recommendations.

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding - Bridget's story as a single woman trying to find a career and romance is definitely one of my favorite reads. You can't help but laugh as she muddles her way through both.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger - This novel is about a young woman, Andrea, who becomes a junior assistant to a powerful fashion magazine editor. We can all sympathize with Andrea as she deals with her very toxic boss and workplace.

Special Forces Berlin by James Stejskal - A nod to the men and women of our Special Forces and Intelligence Services who serve silently and without fanfare or publicity. Published almost 25 years after deactivation this nonfiction book outlines the work done by Army Special Forces during the Cold War. It is an eye-opening tale of men trained to slow a Soviet invasion in Europe if and when it happened. While today it might seem far-fetched to believe that Russia would arbitrarily attack a country (did I just say that?), during the Cold War it was almost expected. A reminder that many continue to keep us safe in ways we don't even know.

American Sniper by Chris Kyle - A memoir by the late Chris Kyle which tells of his life as a Navy SEAL, the book is a fascinating look at the training and missions of the SEALs. And you think you've had a bad day at the office?

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald - Originally published in Swedish, Bivald's book loses nothing in translation. The novel is a story of Sara who travels from Sweden to Broken Wheel, Iowa to meet her pen pal Amy. She arrives on the day of Amy's funeral. The townspeople are insistent that she stay and, to keep herself busy, she opens a book store.

This is where I happily spend my working days!

Any recommendations you have for books about work?

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