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Chapter 7 - The Odyssey

On quiet beach days or in the early morning before the crowds come to the beach, it seems that all the stuff we get bombarded with during the day is far, far away. When I am away from the beach, regardless of the adventure, I miss my home - the sound of the waves, the crisp, clean air with hints of sea mist, suntan lotion, and beach flowers, and the feel of warm sand on my toes. My quest is always to come back to my adopted home.

We started talking about home this morning and what it means to us. Some people carry their homes figuratively (and literally) on their backs like turtles, at home wherever they are. Others find that it is really people who make their home so as long as they are with their "peeps" they are at home.

For me, I like to "nest" with my stuff around me, books at hand, and feet in the sand or propped up on a stool. Here are some great books about finding the way "home".

The Little French Bistro by Nina George - The latest book by George, the author of The Little Paris Bookshop, and while I enjoyed that book I think this is the better read. It is a story of Marianne who leaves her negligent German husband to find a place she has seen only in a picture. Her voyage is one of growth and discovery.

News of the World by Paulette Jiles - Jiles wrote this book based on actual rescues of children captured by Native American in the 1870's. As the rescuer and the child take this trip, the reader gets a great sense of what life was like during this time period. The only question, of course, is who is being rescued?

Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde - This story by Hyde is about two boys and a man who all have their own journeys to face. The reality of it is that biology doesn't necessarily make family.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead - In my opinion this book is truly a Pulitzer prize winner. The path Cora takes as she struggles for freedom takes her through many different experiences. This is a good book club read.

Enjoy these reads and let me know where your home is.

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