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Is there anything better than a walk on the beach  and a talk about books?  I don't think so. If you love the beach and books this is the place for you.  Here we will talk about my favorite beach, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and share books as we enjoy all the ocean has to show us.

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My name is Vicki Baty.  I live and work in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which has, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast.  I walk the beach almost daily and am always awed by the beauty of the ocean, the freshness of the air, and the amazing sea creatures I see.  Not a day on the beach goes by without of few lines of John Masefield's poem Sea Fever echoing in my head...

"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by..."


As I co-own a used and new book store, Bookends (www.bookendsonline.com)  in North Myrtle Beach, usually on these walks my husband, Dave, and I talk about the books I am reading.

You'll note that all my blog postings are the titles of books, but don't be fooled, the blog is not necessarily about that book, just a themed title!

So please, walk with me, talk with me as we enjoy this journey.


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Chapter 17 - The Orphan's Tale

As I sat down to think about this post, something which kept popping into my mind was how many novels have orphans as their protagonists. Certainly, orphaned or abandoned children are handicapped right from the start and tales of how they succeed are motivational to a reader. I think I am also interested in this topic because my maternal grandmother was one of these "orphans". Grandma's mother died when she was seven and her little sister was six. In 1915, their father left all six of his children at an orphanage in Baltimore City named Home of the Friendless where they became wards of the state. What a great name for an orphanage huh? Grandma used to tell us stories about being there, n

Chapter 16 - Happy Earth Day!

There is a lot of debate on which is more environmentally friendly e-readers or books. Almost uniformly the debate leads the reader down a rabbit hole where the answer is always, it depends. The answer, it seems is a complicated one where the reader needs to not only consider the impact of manufacturing each but also transportation, electricity and internet usage, shareability, recyclability and how many books the reader reads each year. Depending on the study, one is a villain, the other not so much. It seems that both industries need to do a lot to clean up their environmental acts. So how do we become more environmentally friendly as we read? While we certainly believe in visiting yo

Chapter 15 - A Night to Remember

This year marks the 107th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage in the North Atlantic Ocean. Over 1500 people died of a crew and passenger list of about 2200, making it one of the worst non-war maritime disasters of all time. Considered "unsinkable" the Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland and was one of three luxury liners operated by the White Star Line. A collision with an iceberg sliced the side of the ship causing her hull to be pushed in, opening five of her sixteen watertight compartments. This caused the Titanic to sink rapidly. Most researchers cite the biggest cause of so many deaths was the lack of and ineffective use of lifeboats, which were conside

Chapter 14 - The Street of a Thousand Blossoms

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is being celebrated this year between March 20 and April 14 in Washington DC. The festival commemorates the gift of approximately 3,000 cherry trees from the Mayor of Tokyo to the United States in 1912. You can find out the specific history of the gift here at https://www.arlingtontours.com/dc-cherry-blossom-history. So this seems like a good time to introduce to you one of my favorite authors, Gail Tsukiyama. Born to a Chinese mother and Japanese father, Tsukiyama's books go between both worlds and explore Chinese and Japanese history. Here are some of her books I've really enjoyed. Women of the Silk - This was Gail Tsukiyama's first book where she h

Chapter 13 - The Big Short

Sometimes you want to read a good book but you don't have time for 300-plus pages and you just don't like short stories. Enter the world of the big short - good books that are less than 300 pages. These are perfect for a car ride, airplane trip, or even just to keep in your car for those times when you are at the doctor's office or waiting for someone. Writing a shorter book isn't as easy as you might think, however. The author has to make sure the story is told succinctly and thoroughly. This can present a literary challenge. Also the author of a shorter work can't leave his/her reader in doubt about the ending. Some classic authors have succeeded admirably in the shorter fiction genre



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