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Is there anything better than a walk on the beach  and a talk about books?  I don't think so. If you love the beach and books this is the place for you.  Here we will talk about my favorite beach, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and share books as we enjoy all the ocean has to show us.

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My name is Vicki Baty.  I live and work in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which has, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast.  I walk the beach almost daily and am always awed by the beauty of the ocean, the freshness of the air, and the amazing sea creatures I see.  Not a day on the beach goes by without of few lines of John Masefield's poem Sea Fever echoing in my head...

"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by..."


As I co-own a used and new book store, Bookends (www.bookendsonline.com)  in North Myrtle Beach, usually on these walks my husband, Dave, and I talk about the books I am reading.

You'll note that all my blog postings are the titles of books, but don't be fooled, the blog is not necessarily about that book, just a themed title!

So please, walk with me, talk with me as we enjoy this journey.


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Chapter 30 - Beach Music

So today is my birthday and I plan to spend it doing something I love...reading at the beach. You might ask, "Well don't you do that a lot?" and the answer would be no. When you live at the beach, aside from walking in the morning, I have found that you generally have no time for reading at the beach. I am so busy with doing things for the store, for the blog, for social media, and for the house that I rarely get a chance to just sit and read at the beach. I have lots of book on my TBR (to be read) pile. Some are advanced reader copies of books coming out in August, September, and later. Others are just books I have pulled off bookstore shelves (including ours) that look just spectacul

Chapter 29 - The Books You Read

It is no surprise that I am, in fact, a book addict. There isn't a week that goes by that I am not buying a book, reading a book, researching a book, or thinking about a book. I like to peruse the aisles of local bookstores for remainders or books left over from a large book run or purchase. These are not only bargains but usually great books which I haven't read yet. My biggest addiction however is to new books. By new, I don't mean "never been read by human eyes before". I mean freshly published this week or month. Every week I comb bookstores and membership warehouse clubs to pick up the latest and greatest read. It is fun to see what their buyers think the next big read will be an

Chapter 28 - Fried Green Tomatoes

I love this time of year for so many reasons but two of the main ones are the local farmer's markets we can go to and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes we can get. While Dave has been successful growing many vegetables in our backyard, it takes time and a maintenance commitment which we don't always want to make. Enter our local farmers... The two markets we frequent are the North Myrtle Beach market on Friday and the Conway farmers market on Saturday. We indulge in tomatoes, lots of veggies, farm fresh eggs from the Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission, fresh meats, and honey. We also almost always buy something from Jupiter Pies as they have small and large pies and assorted baked

Chapter 27 - Ship of Brides

I spent some time a few weeks ago with my friend, Christie Bazemore, one of the owners of 128 South Events and Bakery 105 in Wilmington. I had asked for her expertise in some social media areas and we caught up on our lives since the last time we saw each other. Not only is Christie a part owner of two great wedding/event venues but she is also a new bride herself. Christie is the impetus behind the 128 South blog and has been in the wedding business for a long time. She has always given her readers practical and thoughtful advice on how to have a great wedding. On the way home I started thinking about all the books I have read that feature weddings. It appears that there are a lot of t

Chapter 26 - Independence Day

I receive a lot of requests from people who would like me to read and review their books. While I would love to have the time to respond to all of them, because of time restraints I am very selective about what I read. Many times the requests are from new or independently published authors who are just looking for a break or even an affirmation, besides family and friends, to tell them that what they have written is good. Why do people independently publish their books? Often it is because they can't get the attention of the literary world. Sometimes it is because traditional publishing takes so much out of the author's profits. Now, to be fair, the traditional publisher has also usuall



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